Quantum physics provides a unique lens to probe nature and build impactful technologies. However, existing quantum platforms are small, noisy, and isolated. The Anderson lab combines materials science, applied physics, and electrical engineering to address this problem through the control of light with photonics. For example, optical interconnects facilitate scaling modular quantum computers, photonic enhancement can boost quantum sensing, and photons enable the distribution of entanglement over long distances for quantum communications.

Our group is interested in enabling these applications by using wafer-scalable semiconductor spin qubits to form quantum repeaters with photonic devices, and by harnessing materials near quantum phase transitions to make giant optical nonlinearities. As a result, we will enable the the world’s first quantum internet by creating efficient quantum optical interconnects. The Anderson lab also broadly works to discover new materials and techniques that tackle outstanding hurdles in making useful quantum technology.

Cover of Physics Today

Prof. Anderson’s article “Embracing Imperfection for Quantum Technologies” was recently featured in Physics Today.

Enabling a quantum internet

Check out our research on the new materials enabling the quantum revolution.

Cover of Nature Reviews Materials

Prof. Anderson’s blueprint article on materials science for spin qubits was featured on the cover of Nature Reviews Materials.

We are hiring at the postdoc and graduate student levels! Please reach out to cpand@illinois.edu

Recruiting in MatSE, ECE, Physics

The Anderson lab is looking for thoughtful, motivated, and diverse team members to join the vibrant quantum community at UIUC. This new group will have brand new, state-of-the-art lab space and equipment, access to world-class nanofabrication and materials characterization facilities, and is part of the exceptionally strong quantum community at the university and region. We are linked with the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology center (IQUIST), the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute HQAN, the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE), Q-NEXT, and the Duality Quantum startup accelerator. We also have strong connections to industry spanning AWS, Google, national labs, and small companies. In addition, Illinois leads one of four quantum thrusts for the national Microelectronics Commons Hubs, and the broad Chicago region was recently designated a US Tech Hub for quantum.

Illinois is the best place to come to make connections and advances in quantum science and technology!